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Interactive Online Courses

A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes


Therapeutic learning is an essential aspect of the emotional healing process. It is important we gain a diligent understanding of how to approach our difficulties, heal our pain and resolve personal issues that hold us back from leading an extraordinary life.

Inspirational-Healing.Org offers online courses and self-help programs that comfort, inspire and empower your healing process. These courses enhance self-awareness, emotional development and personal/transpersonal growth.

Feel free to contact me for course recommendations specific to your needs.




EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: Enhance Self Esteem and Self Awareness
Overcome negativity with our self healing and awareness emotional development programs. Find the hope and courage to more fully enjoy life.

JOURNALING TOOLS: Use journal writing tools, topics & prompts to draw out your inner wisdom
Go deeper into your own truth... Reach higher and live more of your potential. Discover the power ofjournaling writing tools & topics to help you reach new levels of self awareness and self trust.


*Get Started With Free Personality Quiz*
How well do you know yourself? What is your next growth step? 


*Free Daily Inspirational Messages *
Offering daily guidance tips and quotes on your life's journey!



  Group Facilitation Training

Online workshop for facilitator training and group facilitation training AND
a step-by-step guide to creating and maintaining your own successful business

- Do you love to journal and explore your own growth?
- Would you like to help others get more out of life?
- Are you inspired to find and express your uniqueness?

Then create your own business as a journaling facilitator!
Learn group facilitation training and presentation skills,
serve others and earn income as you foster your own growth.

The Magic of Journaling has everything to support your needs...

Workshop Facilitation Training
Clarify your uniqueness and niche as you give back to others. Learn how to design, faclitate and promote workshops.



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